Designing a structure...

It's been a few months since I paused working on my current project celebrating Birmingham's history. The project sets out to present the history of various objects created in the industrial heyday of the city. The idea is to present the history and narratives of these objects in a pop up interactive display. Each time the display is assembled in a public venue it will tell a different story.

As there are a number of uncertainties surrounding the project, I am developing a pilot on a shoestring budget. My first challenge is to design and create a simple display structure which can be easily transported and displayed but still maintain a certain aesthetic standard.

My current thought is to create a light wooden frame from Dowel. This would have three panels which would each fold out when fully erected. I like the idea of 'facing' sections of this panel with pegboard so that information or imagery could be placed with bulldog clips to the board and be easily replaced/adapted depending on the subject of the display.

The display will be hung with paper which will be illustrated with images and diagrams telling the story of one object created in Birmingham. I also hope to work with a Birmingham based designer in creating an artwork in response to the original object.

I've also mocked up an image of what the display would look like with sheets of information attached to it. See below. I also think it's important to make a simple structure with a neutral colour palette that proudly displays the materials used to create it.

A digital mock - up of how the display could look.

A digital mock - up of how the display could look.

The simplicity of the structure becomes especially important when you begin to place detailed photographs and brightly coloured text and images over it. The temporary museum should look inviting to all ages especially families. As part of the display I am planning on creating an activity space next to the display to make the history a little more engaging and interactive for younger children.

Now I just need to set about creating a final design before the process of transforming my living room into a carpenters workspace begins....